Category affinity - size of audience

simonb23491113 20-08-2019

Hi all - hoping someone can help here!

I want to start using category affinity for personalisation.

But i want to know the size (i.e. traffic volumes) assigned to each profile/audience.

For example, if I setup a campaign that targets those who's favourite category is shoes, how can I see how many customers/visitors this personalisation campaign will go to?

I need to know this to understand the level of reach each campaign will get.

Any help massively appreciated!




Hi simonb23491113​,

If you are using category afinity, the activity would be delivered based on the customer's behaviour

Target does not calculate the size of the audience in this case. Can you elaborate more on the query you are looking for?

However here are more details on Category Affinity > Category affinity

Let me know if that helps.

Prarthana_Sharm 30-08-2019

Hi Tanvia,

I want to start the category affinity too with the same business case explained in the article but is still struggling with the algorithm of setting the user.categoryId for the pages.

Any hint or ideas in approaching that will be helpful.


Hi Prarthana! Reaching out to see if you were able to resolve the issue? Thanks for posting and we look forward to hearing from you!

Prarthana_Sharm 21-10-2019

I was able to make progress in my test site and can see it working to some extent. I turned of profile parameters related to category affinity was able to move further. I will reach back if I have any questions.