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Can you generate Debugger token using Adobe I/O?


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Hi everyone,

Has anyone tried to generate Debugger token thats used for mboxTrace, using Adobe I/O APIs? We want to make troubleshooting activities easier for our internal team-members and developing such a utility requires generating mboxTrace, which in turn requires to generate Debugger token. Currently this token is only available through Target console (Setup > Implementation > Debugger Tools) and trying to access API it apparently uses "https://trace.testandtarget.omniture.com/v1/token" throws errors.

Would appreciate if someone who has accessed this API can confirm that its possible. If its not, will raise it as a new idea. Thanks,



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Hi @rajneesh

Currently there is no API available to generate Authentication Token out of UI, however you can still generate mbox trace through Experience Cloud debugger as below

1. Login to marketing cloud

2. Access a page in the next Tab

3. Install and Access Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger

4. Click on Tools > Adobe Target

5. Toggle the switch of mbox trace

6. and sync your profile

You will notice that page is refreshed and mbox trace parameters are available in Target Calls within Debugger now.

This debugger is currently available for Chrome Users only.


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Thanks Tanvi  - I am aware of Chrome Extension however my ask is not getting mboxTrace - its more around getting it through Adobe I/O APIs which you suggested is not available currently.

To answer a possible follow-up question "what is the use-case" so well we have 3 scenarios:

1. In our organisation, Chrome is not a recommended browser and we cannot add any extensions because of security reasons.

2. Current mboxTrace doesn't give you segment names so we are looking to make 2 calls - one to get IDs and second to get their names - this will make troubleshooting much easier

3. We are creating our own version of Debugger which covers some other tools that are used by our marketing team - think of it as a s Super-Debugger.

Hope this helps,

Though I am marking the answer correct (which is NO to my original question) and raising it as an Idea, would be great if Adobe teams can add more context such as whether its planned in upcoming releases. Thanks,





Hi Rajneesh, thanks so much for sharing this context and your feedback! Great that you're sharing this as an Idea here in the Community, as we regularly address the Ideas with the product team, and look to how community members vote on the ideas to drive prioritization. We look forward to hearing more about your team's super debugger and how it's helped with your specific use case!