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Can we have two different audiences for control and variant in an A/B test?


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We have a scenario where in we would like to create an A/B test with Control as A and variant as B. Control A(90%) and B(10%) share a common audience to exclude International visitors but the conflict is that Control A should be available only for existing users and control B should be available for new visitors only. Is this a possibility to achieve ?

We tried to set the corresponding audiences from the configure menu inside of the test and the common audience( International visitor) from the targeting tab while creating the test.



Any suggestions and guidance on this will be of great help.



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Typically users gravitate towards one of the following set-ups:

Option1: An A/B Activity with one audience and then after distribute traffic to each experience. (90/10)

Option2: An XT Activity with two unique audiences for each Experience. (This would prevent you from doing the (90/10) but allow you to specify the additional return user vs new user for each Experience.

Now you bring up a good point and your requirements are more advanced. With the audience option at the Experience level in the A/B activity. This would be the closest you can get to what you need (See attached screen-shot below):

US Only > ExpA (Control) (90%) > Existing Users

US Only > ExpB (Variant) (10%) > New Visitors

If this satisfies your query please like, mark as helpful and mark as answer. Otherwise lets keep the conversation going. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Screen-shot 1 showing the experience audiences: experienceaudiences.png

Screen-shot 2 showing the activity audience:

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This sounds like the best scenario for XT activity rather than A/B activity. Ideally as per your description,

Experience A should be delivered to the audience which excludes international visitors AND are returning visitors

Experience B should be delivered to the audience which excludes international visitors AND is New visitors.

(Your website may already be having 90%traffic of returning visitors and 10% of new visitors, which hardly matters to the XT activity)

For this, you can create an XT activity with the above audience and experience combination. Hope that helps to achieve your use case.

Let me know if you have any further questions here.