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Analytics and Target problems at publishing


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Hi there,

After performing all the configuration required for both Analytics and Tartget integration with AMC, I found some issues depending on the Internet browser I use (Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer 11) in means of variables mapping, target engine recognition and login troubles.

Following up with the post I wrote here, it seems that I have reached what could be the source of my problems. In despite of the public URL tests, checking the debugger in the publish site on port 4503 seems that everything work fine (I can see properly all the variables, Target engine and login working fine for all browsers). Therefore, there must be some problems through the process that moves my site from 4503 address to a public URL suitable for Target.

In my case, we have installed Adobe in  Azure Windows Virtual Machine. In that machine, both instances (author and publish) are executing (first one in port 4502 and second one in 4503).

To access to the URLs we have 2 options:

1) Public access: only for the instance in port 4503 --> Port 80 (public port) has been mapped in Azure configuration to 4503 (VM private port) --> Target is not working and Analytics works randomly.

2) Private access: through an Azure VPN. We need to connect to the Azure VPN firstly and after that, we can access directly to both instances -->Target and Analytics are working for all the browsers.

It would be so helpful to know your opinion about the poor operation of my site and what could be the source of the problem. Do you think it’s can be related to the Azure configuration? Thanks in advance.

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When you say Target is not working after 4503 -> 80 mapping of the public Publish instance, what do you mean?