kalyank42043748 12-02-2018

Hello Guys , can you help with adobe target training videos especially of a/b testing .

Thank you


kalyank42043748 13-02-2018

Thanks Siddharth for the helpful reply.  I will go through and will keep you updated if  I need anything further .

And Adobe Target Optimization Thursdays webinar recording links?  Does this have recording on certain period of times ? Do they even have live sessions ?

Thanks & regards


Glad you found the response helpful. Yes, all recordings are collected on the link I shared. In addition, these sessions are held LIVE. These are held on Thursdays of the last week of the month. These are advertised through forum page as well so keep checking forum and do let us know if you need anything further.



Hi! Also be sure to check out this forum post to learn about upcoming Personalization Thursday webinars: REGISTER NOW! "Personalization Thursdays" in 2018!

As a matter of fact, the next webinar is tomorrow, February 22nd from 10am-11am PST, and the topic is "Adobe Target Everywhere and for the Modern Web"!

Read below for more info, and be sure to register today! Hope you can join us!

Adobe Target Everywhere and For the Modern Web | Thursday, February 22, 2018

Digital is undergoing a digital transformation right now, as the web evolves with new more seamless digital frameworks and libraries (e.g. single page applications, node.js), and greater sophistication and expectations of our customers (e.g. personalization in-app, digital kiosks and screens) Learn what we've built into Adobe Target's open platform to more elegantly integrate into these new digital frameworks and touchpoints as well as leverage the power of our library of APIs.