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Adobe Target Server-Side Optimization - Well Beyond a Testing Solution



Are you curious as to why so many companies are increasingly using server-side optimization? Or are you already investigating it for your own testing and personalization program? Maybe you need to reach well beyond the web to optimize and personalize for the cross- channel experience of today's customer, and require a solution that scales to meet this need. Perhaps you're taking advantage of advancements that open the door to server-side optimization - for example, newer JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, Backbone, and the popular node.js JavaScript runtime that allows you to deploy and run JavaScript both client- and server-side. You might even need to optimize components like search and pricing algorithms, or other back-end services that typically aren't performed client-side.

Learn how client-side differs from server-side optimization with Adobe Target, when to use each approach, and what important questions to ask before diving into the world of server-side optimization by checking out the full article here!

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