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Adobe target offers component wise


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Hi All,

I am trying to add image offer component wise.

I am using experience targeting activity to show images as per the user value.

Objective :

I have passed user remarks or comment value to data element and passed remark/comment to target global parameter with prefix profile.parameter name

So whenever user enters anything in comment box, it gets passed to global parameter. So I can create audience by adding visitor profile rule .

ex. If user enters comment like rent payment so I will show experience to people whose comment contains rent and similarly for ticket and etc.

But issue is

since target has global mbox,

If user A likes football in sports(one of global parameter value similar to remark I have mentioned above) and he has recently done transaction of rent

so one image he should see related to football and on same page other image box should show offer related recent transaction like rent is here in this case.

So how to create activity which has two different image section on same page and has only target global mbox  ?

I have tried creating two experience targeting activities one sports based and one remarks based for the same page.

But only one of the image offer only reflects as there is only one target global mbox.

How to achieve above use case?


Ketan Pardeshi

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So, if there are two separate images and two separate actions profile.like and profile.recentpurchase then you can create two different XT activities. Top image may for example focus on profile.like and the bottom image should focus on profile.recentpurchase and in absence of recentpurchase, fall back to profile.like again.

The two images on site should obviously have diff id or class name else you might see same offer getting applied to both the images.

There might be other better ways to achieve the same.


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Hi Siddharth,

Thanks for the help.

But my use case was :


profile.like = "Cricket"

profile.recentpurchase = "yes"

So I will create audience 1  as cricket fans & audience 2 as Rent payers

When I will go to my web page there will be 1 XT Activity for each audience

Like XT1 for cricket fans audience & XT2 for rent payers audience

and since both the image boxes are on same page and have common target global mbox

when above both two values are not empty,

one of the XT override the other one since both XT are using the same global mbox

output should reflect on page be like

box1 will see cricket image

box2 will see rent related image

both are on same page.

how to avoid overriding XT Activities ?


Ketan Pardeshi


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Hi Ketan -

In this article - Switching Experiences in Experience Targeting  - it states "Priority is controlled by the order of experiences, top to bottom. If a visitor qualifies for more than two audiences, he or she receives content from the higher priority experience."  This would explain why only one of the two experiences is being shown when the visitors qualifies for both.

Reading Siddharth's answer, he is suggesting making two Experience Targeting tests. One of the Experience Targeting tests would address showing the profile.like image and the other one would address showing the profile.recentPurchase image. Depending on the values of these two variables, the visitor would qualify for neither test, one of the tests, or both of the tests (by having the two images as separate Experience tests, the priority mentioned above won't be a factor anymore).

Another way to approach it may be wrapping mboxes around the locations that need to change based on the visitor's behavior. Here's an article from Adobe about doing this Wrapping Mboxes

Thanks -




If you are creating two different activities (VEC) for two diff images, then I suspect that the image might be having the same element id or class and hence, both the images are being identified as same in both the activities.

Please go into the Code Editor and go into the Modifications tab in both the activities (in using VEC) and see if the selector for both the images is same or different? If same then that's the issue.