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Your Feedback requested : SDK Package AIR App


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  Hi All!

  We wanted to post some mockups (thanks balsamiq!) to show some ideas we've had for changing our SDK package. We'd like to make it an AIR application, rather than the .zip you currently get. I'll list out our thinking :


  • This gives us the opportunity to consolidate the way the SDK is navigated/explored - much easier to see what's there than a zip
  • Instead of installing 2 separate dev tools (the Dev Console and the LocalConnection Server), we'll just bundle them within this master app - only one AFCS app to install in your applications dirs.
  • We'll use AIR's auto-update so that when we release a new SDK drop, the app will let you know, and download it for you.
  • The ability to include Video Tutorials, Docs, and running Sample Apps, right in your face, launchable from within the app. A little bit of Tour De Flex inspiration here.
  • A little more polish and branding is just nicer than a zip. If we only had a logo...


  • The user will have to install an AIR app right upon download, in order to get the SDK (this might scare some off?).
  • The idea that you'll install the app, then need to install the SDK contents, is a little weird, but not too much.
  • It's dev time we could be spending on something else.

Clearly, we're leaning on the PRO side right now, or I wouldn't be posting this. Here's the set of mockups - CLICK TO SEE FULL SIZE :

SDK HOME : Lets you put the SDK contents wherever you'd like (the SWCs, docs, etc).


VIDEO TUTORIALS (should say that, not "Welcome Videos") : Will stream Video Tutorials for getting started, overview, common pitfalls, etc. Note - will require a net connection, as we're not including the videos as part of the package (too big!).


LIBRARIES : Easy access to the SWCs/Source below. Clicking the buttons will open an explorer/finder window to the locations of the libs.


DOCUMENTATION : Making it easier to find the various doc resources (including links to these forums!).


DEVELOPER TOOLS : Will launch the Dev Console or the LocalConnection Server, in separate windows. No need to install 2 AIR apps to have access to these tools - they're right in the SDK Package app.


SERVER INTEGRATION : Many people were missing that these even exist. Explain them here, link to the docs, launch a window to find them.


SAMPLE APPLICATIONS : Includes a live, running AFCS app (TBD, but likely something that connects devs together somehow). Also includes source, and shows where to find the rest of our sample apps' source. Once we have time, we'd like this to be able to run all of our example apps.


So that's it - please let us know if you think this is a good idea. Any suggestions, comments, etc, are most appreciated.



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Hi Nigel,

i love the idea having some kind of "tour de flex" for AFCS.

Some small additions:

- RSS Feeds (Team, Community, ect.)

- Twitter Feeds from you and your team

- external links to resources

... and definitely:

If "tour de flex" creating "realtime usage heat maps" we show the real "realtime" usage of that client with the sdk too or?

How can i/we contribute examples or better video tutorials to that?

I plan a series of video tutorials here in europe on AFCS topics and happy to share this.

But anyway...at the end it is a link to a website/youtube whatever.

Great Stuff!

Cheers, Sven


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NIgel, while I love Tour de Flex & LC I think it would not be a great idea to force the AIR app as the only way. By all means...I WANT the AIR app but allow a straight zip download as well.

There are cases where I may need to grab the sdk when on another system somewhere and don't want to wait for AIR/app download or simply don't want to put it on that system specifically.

I look forward to the app though. ;-) hehe.


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AIR app all the way, d00d.  Back in FCS, yall installed all kinds of crazy stuff to work with FMS/FCS (remoting debugger panel, server reboot panel, web app to interface with server, server instance...).  So, anything you can do to consolidate it, and make it easy to work with, hell yeah.  + the updates are on yall's back, not ours to sync everything up.  I'm all for "working on other stuff", but a delivery package is very important, and incorporates an expected workflow which helps keep us focused.

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Hi Nigel,

This really is a good idea, even if it won't bring many features from the start, I think it's opening a lot of nice perspectives.

I think that alrady the "auto-update" of the SDK is a killer.

Enjoy the development.



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I think the AIR application is a great idea and I really like the mock-ups. 

However, I believe there still should be a direct way to download the SDK source code and SWC files, not from within Adobe AIR.  I can think of a few situations where I need to get the SWC and don't want to have Adobe AIR installed.

Regardless, I really do think the application is spot on.  Excellent work guys!


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That would be great !, Centralizing AFCS content and intelligence.  We could add something like "the last forum posts or topics we participated in".