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xfa.event.newText is undefined in an HTML rendered form in Livecycle ES4


Level 3

When LiveCycle ES4 renders a form in pdf, "xfa.event.newText" works fine.   It does not work for an HTML rendered form.  Is there a different javascript model/properties for a rendered HTML form ?

  If there a complete list somewhere of the differences in javascript for a rendered pdf form versus a rendered  HTML form?

This question was asked in July, 2013 but never answered. I am trying to get a character count while user is entering text in a text field. I have a FormCalc function but cannot get it to work in JavaScript.

Please help.

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Level 10


I made a google search and found this in the LiveCycle help.

Adobe LiveCycle ES4 * Object-Level Scripting Support

So, xfa.event.newText method is not supported in HTML.


Level 3

Actually, I learned through trial and error that the change event does in fact fire on a text box and xfa.event.newText also works in HTML5 as long as "Allow Multiple Lines" is not checked in the text field object properties. I do have to allow multiple lines so I am still looking for an acceptable solution to this problem.