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Visible (screen Only) is not working ok


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Hello everybody:

I've been experiencing some problems whenever I try to put an object with the "Visible (Screen Only)" presence property. The issue comes whenever I print the form: it always show all the objects. That happens to me when I use forms imported from a previously scanned document (importing the documents as an image), but not with new ones.

I'm using LiveCycle Es2 and I changed the program properties in order to make the form compatible with 8.1 or later versions.

Does anybody know anything about this?

Thanks for your time!
Javier Maíllo

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It would be better to post to the main forum and not in the FAQ.

I can't check now, but I suspect that the visible (screen only) property did not exist in Acrobat/Reader 8.1.

Go to the Warnings tab and see if there is a version warning there. If there is you can either up the target version or have script in the object's prePrint and postPrint events.

Hope that helps,



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Sorry for posting it here:

I'm still used to the old forums structure design. I will delete this FAQ as soon as I'll find where the "erase" button is!

Thanks Niall.



No worries, Javier. Please do not delete any threads. I am moving this thread to the appropriate (LiveCycle Designer) forum.

If, by mistake, you happen to 'misplace' a thread, just drop me a message to move it.