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Viewing old code in LiveCycle ES3


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I have some forms I created a while ago when I had Acrobat 8 and it's corresponding LiveCycle version.  Fast forward to today, and I need to edit some of the code I added to do things like custom validation, and attaching the form to an email with some text in the body.

When I open the form, either the .TDS template or .PDF I receive the error below.  In the script editor there is no code.  If I preview the form the code is still firing, but I can't see or edit it.

Is there anyway to see this code?

The target version for this form was set to lower that Acrobat and Acrobat Reader 8.0. LiveCycle Designer ES no longer supports this version, and automatically changes the target version option on the Defaults tab in the Form Properties dialog box.

This form may contain legacy content such as XFT templates and/or text formatting and event handling rules compatible with Adobe Reader 6.02.  LiveCycle Designer 8.0 or later supports improved text formatting and event-handling rules, which result in more predictable and consistent behavior when the file is viewed.  To update the text formatting rules and event handling, go to the Compatibility tab in the Form Properties dialog box.

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