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Validaing Fields before Digital Signing


Level 2


I have designed a form with several mandatory fields with few optional fields too, and three digital signature fields. The three digital signatures are for user, level 1 manager, level 2 manager. Now I want to implement following functionalities in the Form:

1. Initially, all the three Digital Signature fields should be in disabled mode i.e. cannot digitally signed the document.

2. Unless or until user filled in all mandatory fields, he or she cannot put digital signature in the user digital signature field.It should be in disabled mode. Only after user filled in all mandatory fields, the User Digital Signature field should get enabled.

3. Only after user put his signature in the related Digital Signature field, the Level 1 Manager digital signature field should get enabled. Similarly, after Level 1 Manager digitally signed, the Level 2 Manager's digital signature field should get enabled.

4. After Level 2 Manager successfully signed the document, an Email Submit button should get enabled.

Kindly help in the said concerns.



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