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Using button click to tidy up form by removing empty text boxes and check boxes


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Have an form being filled by importing xml file. Need to remove empty text boxes and check boxes.

Fairly new to java but learning as i go along.

Any help greatly recieved.



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Hi Brian,

I have an example here that is based on Paul Guerette's function for LockAllFields: http://assure.ly/jMHos2.

The button just calls a custom function. The actual function is in a script object called "tidyUp", which you can access under variables in the hierarchy palette.

So have a look at the script in the button, but also the function script in the associated script object.

Hope that helps,



Level 1

Many thanks for the link. It is exactly what i am looking for.

Have utilised Paul's LockAllFields in prototype forms but had to create individual forms for every single engine in the range. Now using this and the app i have designed i can make one global form!!
Little (well it was when i started!) project combining phone app information collection and pdf reports from information.