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Using a dropdown box to change the specified value of a radio button?


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I have a form that generates the body text for an email.

First there is a dropdown box in which the choices are either "red" or "blue"

Further down the page, there is a radiobutton list with 2 items "available" and "unavailable".

The specified values for these items (as defined on the binding tab) are "have blue hats" or "do not have blue hats".

This value is concatenated in the email body textfield which is to be copied by the user to an email body:


, NameField, "," We ", RadioButtonList, " today. ")  // Dear Persons Name, We have blue hats today.

Is there any way to change the value of the selected radio button based on the selected dropdown choice?

So if the user selected "red" in the dropdown field, the radio button values could become  "have red hats" or "do not have red hats"?

Or perhaps there is a better way from the start?


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In the RadioButton Object/Binding tab you can control the value that gets set when the radioButton is selected. You simply click the "Spedify Item Values" checkbox and the table below becomes active nd allows you to set a value for each of the radiobutons in the group. This is the On value that you are setting. Now when you want to use it in your code you woudl use the RadioBtton Group Name.rawValue and whichever one is set the value you specify here will be returned to you.

Make sense?



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Ok, so now I've done that...


But is there a way to change that value with another field (ie when a user chooses "red" or "blue" in a dropdown box) so that the concatenated message reflects both the users choice of color and the availibility?

I'm guessing I should probably use an intermediary text box and put

InterText.rawValue = Concat ("We have ', dropdown1, " hats today") in the change event of the available radio button and:

InterText.rawValue = Concat ("We do not have ', dropdown1, " hats today") in the change event of the unavailable radio button.

then concatenate that box in the final textbox.