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Trying to fill text boxes with dependant drop-down data.


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I am completely new to livecycle but I have some background in Java. I am creating a form for work that allows dependant drop downs to be selected and then populate multiple text boxes with static information. I have figured out the dependant drop down aspect of the form, where the second populates the options based on the selection in the first drop down. Where I am running into issues is how to populate those multiple text field based on the information provided in the two drop down fields. I am attempting to fill approx. ten text boxes with this data. That data specificaly is coming from over 300 data combinations from drop field one and two, with each individual data combination having the need for the text boxes to hold a different data point. Any help that can be provided in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.I should also mention that this data needs to be easily accessable/editable for someone with minimal training.

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This probably depends on what format your data is in that populates the dependent drop down lists, is it XML, JSON, JavaScript string/array.

One approach could be to use the bound value of the drop down to hold the value that you would want to use in populating the text field.  But, this would only work if the bound values are unique.

Maybe if we can see your form.