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Trouble with Visible/Invisible Fields on PDF Form


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I created a fillable, calculating pdf form in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, but ran into some issues, so I'm taking a stab at LiveCycle that I've never used before today.  By reviewing sample template forms, I'm able to pick up the tricks of the trade, but I'm struggling with one particular field.  I got it to calculate and the amount shows in the subtotal, but I don't know why I can't get the field itself to show the amount calculated.

FS1 is a numeric field where a customer puts square footage.

Based on the square footage a calculation occurs.  Here is the statement:


topmostSubform.Page1.Total[1]::calculate - (FormCalc, client)

     Total[1] = 208.75

elseif (FS1 > 3600) then

     Total[1] = 154.30

elseif (FS1 > 2000) then

     Total[1] - 136.15

elseif (FS1 > 0) then

     Total[1] = 99.85


When I put in 5000 in the FS1 field, 154.30 is added to the subtotal, but no amount shows in Total[1] field.

Working with properties in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 was easy, LiveCycle takes a little more getting used to, so any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

if (FS1 > 7200) then    

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You may have just pasted your code in a funny way but I noticed your 'if' statement is underneath the rest of your message. Assuming it is in the correct place and you change "Total[1] - 136.15" to "Total[1] = 136.15" it should work. Also just to let you know that in formcalc you can use the "$" to reference the field you are in (so you could use $ instead of Total[1] in your formula).