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Trouble performing a simple addition calculation in LiveCycle Designer


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Hi Everyone, I have browsed the forums and the Internet for a solution to my problem, to no avail. scripts I found in other forums would not work for me. Sorry if I should not be starting a new discussion, but came up short everywhere else. I'm fairly new to JS as well, and brand new to posting a discussion here. Patience is appreciated!

I'm using LiveCycle Designer ES2. I've got a table with a column I would like to add all the cells in the column to a total in the bottom row of the table.

There are 12 cells to add up. The first value of $25 is fixed, and is never to be changed by the user. In binding, I have named the field "Fed1".  I've set it as a Numeric field, type: Read Only, and default to 25.

The rest of the cells will be fillable by users. I have named these cells Fed2, Fed3, Fed4, Fed5, Fed6, Fed7, Fed8, Fed9, Fed10, Fed11, Fed12. These have been set to Numeric Fields and are user-entered - optional.

I want all cells Fed1 through to Fed12 to add up and display the total in the bottom cell, whch I have named "FedTotal".

I have tried FormCalc and variations of Javascript but cannot seem to get any sort of calculation at all.


I've tried: Sum(Fed1, Fed3, Fed4, Fed5, Fed6, Fed7, Fed8, Fed9, Fed10, Fed11, Fed12)

I've tried: Sum(10527, Fed2, Fed3, Fed4, Fed5, Fed6, Fed7, Fed8, Fed9, Fed10, Fed11, Fed12)  but I receive errors that the cells cannot be determined.

Javascript: I've tried so many scripts, there are too many to list here.

I'm writing the code on the calculate event, written on the Fed13 object.

Please help!

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May i ask, how are you accessing the cells in the table?

Thank you


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Thank you for your response - I'm not sure I understand your question,  but hopefully this will help: I created a table, then dragged numeric fields into the cells from the object library. I clicked the numeric fields to name them Fed 1, Fed 2 etc.

Does that help?