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The uploaded files are saved to where?


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I am a fresh user of Contentspace.

Contentspace is like a big storage that I could upload new files and then delete

the old ones in the local computer.

And I am favorite of the function that could manage different versions of separate

files. When I need to reload old version, I found it very usable.

But here I have a question like the title, the uploaded files are saved to where?

I tried to search the same file which I deleted but uploaded to the Contentspace,

but I neither found it in my local nor the the server.

Could anyone give me an explanation about it ?

Best regards

En Shoku

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When you save a file in Content Services you are choosing where to put it. There is a file system structure (like on your hard drive) where you can create folders and put your files where you want it. Each user has his/her own space and there are generic spaces that are shared amounhst groups of users. These spaces are protected so an administrator or owner of the space must grant you writes to the space. As with any file system there are combinations of read, write modify etc .... rights.

There is a web UI that may make things easier to understand:

Log into this URL:


Note that your user ID must be given rights to access Content Space to begin with. This is done in the LiveCycle adminui.

Hope that helps



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Thanks for your answer. It is very helpful!