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TextField value is not printing.


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I am working in adobe livecycle designer. Have problem in assigning value to the textfield.

My script is like:

if(abc.length>25){x.rawValue="Length exceeds the limit");}

Everything goes fine but the value of textfield is not printing. So I tested by adding alert inside if condition. Like below:

if(abc.length>25){app.alert(x.rawValue); x.rawValue="Length exceeds the limit"); app.alert(x.rawValue);}

So what happening is, first alert is coming as 'null' and the second alert coming with the value "Length exceeds the limit". But the text field is not showing any value, it is still blank.

I made the field presence is visible as well.

Its little urgent. Any help is appreciate!


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Check the log tab in the Report window at the bottom of Designer. It will tell you if you have any syntax errors in your script.


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Hi Thamizh12,

As suggested by jsanborn58, pls check the log tab. Also, please check if the field is Textfield or NumericField. A numeric field will accept only numbers and not alphabets.

If the issue is still perisists, please mail the form @ alcdtrainer@gmail.com



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If the name of your field is really "x" rename it!

x is a reserved name of a property and sholud never be used as name or variable.

Same goes for y, h and w.