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Text placement flowing onto new pages?


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I posted this on another forum with no response, so I'm going to try here as well and see if I get any suggestions from this forum.

I am having a difficult time with the placement of text as it flows  onto the next page.

I get everything to flow correctly--the field expands,  goes onto the next page fine. I have a time field associated with this  text field, which pushes it to the right. However, when the text field  flows to the next page, it moves over to the left! I want it to stay in  place, but I can't figure out how. Any suggestions?? It's kind of  driving me batty!

I would have attached the pdf here to show exactly what  I'm talking about, but they seem to have taken away the ability to  attached pdf documents? I uploaded the pdf to GoogleDocs and linked to it. I hope this helps.


I have also tried to use a table instead of individual fields without success. For some reason, I can't get the individual rows within the table to flow correctly. It will move the row to the second page, but if it goes beyond that, then the flow simply dissapears off of the page, rather than flowing to the next page.

Ideas?? Please?!?

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I reviewed you attachment....all it needs is xfa.form.recalculate(1); every time you add or remove instance.....

for example +button will have code in "click" event like follows....

// Duplicate the feild



add similar code under -button

Good luck,


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I really appreciate the help! Unfortunately, that did not solve my problem. I'm not having any problems with the buttons or actual flowing--that is working fine. What I'm having trouble with is more of a layout problem, I think.

When the main text flows onto the next page, it moves over to the left, rather than keeping it's placing on the right. Here is a picture of what I am talking about:


See how what has wrapped to the second page is now directly above the last "Time" field, rather than farther to the right? How do I keep it from doing that?


Level 10

Try the attached modified file..Let me know if this solves your issue..