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Text Field and Checkboxes


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Ok... i wish i can show my form without  letting everyone have axx to it.

But anyway, ive searched and i think i found part of the answer but i am still confused.  http://forums.adobe.com/message/2033382#2033382

I have a form created completely. It has radio fields, text fields and checkboxes.  I have two problems

One when ppl are typing in the text field area, it seems to lend in with the question, so if not paying attn, u wont know that they answered a question.

Currently i have the stuff set at Myriad Pro  size 10.. Thats what i used to type comments and what not.

But when the end user flls out the form, i want it to at least be in bold or something.. Or maybe Times new roman Or something different from the question font itself.

Two.. in checkboxes, the default is X. Thats very light.  I need that to be noticeable... So either make em a bod X or  a way to increase the size of the tick without increasing the size of the box itself.. I just tried to use the STAR..And its bold enuf, but its small. It would be better if the star was a lil bigger.

Currently i think i have 150 checkboxes and about 50 text area and fields.

I thought about making the text thing rich format, but they cant do that for every field...  id rather tdo that by default in the back end of the form itself.

I hope im not sounding confusinf

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i know the square and circle are a bit ugly - but there is no chance you'll miss them

alternatively try adjusting the size a bit under -size you can take a standard checkboxes size from 10 to 12 without increasing its area for example - select the checkbox-objects-field-size - change to 12 eg - adds a bit of weight

i use squares when i need visual weigh -

for the text - might be worth having a test at setting input field values with a baseline shift -- thats basically make text bigger or smaller than, you guessed it, baseline -- this from the livecycle scripting reference

TextField1.font.baselineShift = "+5pt"; should do it for example --

scripting reference follows --- good luck


Specifies a positive measurement that shifts a font up from the baseline or a negative measurement that

shifts a font down from the baseline.


Reference_Syntax.baselineShift = "0in | measurement"

Type Values

String ● fit (default)

The application scales the image proportionally to the maximum size of the container’s

content region.

● none

The application scales the image to the size of entire container’s content region. This may

result in different scale values being applied to the image's X and Y coordinates.

● actual

The image is rendered using the dimensions stored in the image content. The extent of the

container’s region does not affect the sizing of the image.

● width

The application scales the image proportionally to the width of the container’s content

region. The image might be taller or shorter than the content region.

● height

The application scales the image proportionally to the height of the container’s content

region. The image might be wider or narrower than the content region.

Model Object

Form Model image

Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES Scripting Properties

LiveCycle Designer ES Scripting Reference before 156


Applies to


XFA 2.1



TextField1.font.baselineShift = "-5pt";


TextField1.font.baselineShift = "-5pt"



Level 4

or perhaps validate the fields on exit and then change the background fill color to say green if answered or red if not?