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Text based on information placed in a LiveCycle Form - please help me


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I have a form made in Livecycle, in it there are buttons with different Java Script code for each. It is a form with costumers information and what I want is to take the information that's the client put on the form and generate a text. So, for example, if the client is listed in the stock market and if the client is American (client would select yes to stock market and yes for client's nationality) and then it should result in the visibility of Button X. But when for both the client select no then it should result on the invisibility of Button X and the visibility of Button Y. I need that each button become a different text depending on what the client put as info. I tried making 4 buttons at Master Page overlapping each other, but I can't do the form work perfectly. I am using this.resolveNode("X").rawValue equal to the raw value of each question in the form. Is it suppose to work? Button overlapping each other is not a issue, right? Is there a easier way that to do it? Somebody can help me? If yes, message me then I can explain with more information. Thanks a lot

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