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Tables and Subforms


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I have a table in a flowable subform, I need it in flowable so that it will put the header anf footer rows on the next pages as the user enters data. My problem is that the Objects on the subform, i.e. the table are al left justifying and I can't get them to move to the center where I need them to be on the form.  Can anyone help please?

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When you set a subform or page to Flowed Top to Bottom, by default all of the objects are stacked in the order of the hierarchy. You cannot move them off the left side of the form, by dragging, etc.

However, you can use the object margins and content area to adjust their position.

In addition, where objects do not need to expand, you can group these in Positioned subforms.

See examples here: http://assure.ly/e2jR0C and http://assure.ly/eSGQMt. Also there is an example showing how to build dynamic tables: http://assure.ly/gk8Q7a.

Hope that helps,