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Synchronized Youtube video


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I am new in this cloud programming with LCCS. What I am trying to do is to build an app to watch synchronized Youtube video on the side while doing live video chat. I have gone through all video tutorials and looked at several sample Apps to understand shared models but did not see close to what I wanted to do. Is it possible to do it? If so, can anyone help me with some sample codes? Thanks.

Arun MT (not to confuse with Arun from LCCS)

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Hi Arun,

It is possible to create a synchronized youtube video app using our shared models. (We do use our SharedModel to synchronize cursor movements)

You can definitely try Baton or SharedObject or SharedProperty to synchronize seek times. Please check the sampleApps that we provide with our SDK for code samples on how to use them.


Arun (Arun from LCCS)


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Hi Arun (LCCS)

Thank you for your response. I am glad to know that is do-able. I have looked at most of your Sample Codes before I posted my first message but could not figure out how to bring youtube video in my room and share with others. Could you please shed some light on me in this regards? At the mean time I will go back and look at the sample code that you pointed out regarding shared models again.


Arun MT (The confused one)


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Hi Arun (not the LCCS one =),

There are 2 aspects to this problem

1) How to display a YouTube video in your application, and control its state

(play/pause, seek, etc).

2) How to synchronize properties so that state changes in one video affect

other users'.

It sounds as though you're stuck more with 1) than 2)? If that's the case,

we can't really help you - it's not an LCCS specific question. For 2, I'd

suggest looking at the yahoomaps sample code - we include a

"SharedMapsModel" that does synchronization of the maps, which is a pretty

similar problem to yours.



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Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your response. It appeas that it is not possible to bring Youtube video in LCCS. To get around with it, will it be possible to use synchronized video player which I have tried at earlier but could not synchronized? If so, can somone provide me the sample codes? I will also try on my own again looking at Yahoo Map codes. Thanks.

Arun (Not LCCS one =)


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maybe its enough for you to sync the events comming from the VideoPlayer component. but I'm not shure if the component gives you enough feedback i.e. to pause all users when when someones buffer is hanging.