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Submitform as pdf mailto with cc and IBM Lotus inotes blank address


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I have a form with a standard button to send the entire pdf by mail. My mail client is IBM Lotus iNotes. When I include a cc variable or two address in the address field, both address and cc field is left blank in inotes when it opens. I have adobe professional 9.0 and IBM Lotus iNotes 8.5.2. This is my button javascript code on its click event:

     var address1 = "address1@caja.com;address2@caja.com" ;

     var subject1 = "My Subject";

     var body1 = "My Body";

     var cc1 = "addresscc@caja.com" ;

    event.target.submitForm({cURL:"mailto:" + address1 +"?subject=" + subject1 +"&body=" + body1 + "&cc=" + cc1 + "",cSubmitAs:"PDF",cCharset:"utf-8"});

If I try with outlook as mail client, it works perfectly. It seems a inotes bug. Doesn't it?

Thank you in advance.

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I also use Notes 8.5.x at work and don't have such problems.

Try another send method ans see if you still have the same problems.


          bUI: false,

          cTo: 'address1@caja.com; address2@caja.com',

          cCc: 'addresscc@caja.com',

          cBcc: '',

          cSubject: 'My Subject',

          cMsg: 'My Body'



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Thanks Radzmar, I've tried that method and remains the same behavior. Address fields in blank in iNotes.


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I think it's an iNotes problem. I've compared both urls created while is launching iNotes and when cTo: has one single address, the url presents the SendTo field filled, but when cTo has two address, there is no SendTo field in the url.

Url single address:


Url with two address


These urls are built by iNotes I suppose and iNotes doesn`t work properly in this matter.


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Thanks to user "NKOWA2". He sent me the following message within this forum:

"Sending and attaching a PDF form submission using client side e-mail software may vary from user to user, software to software.

To bypass inconsistencies in client side email software among clients, I recommend setting a regular submit button to submit to a server-side script such as ASP.net.

Server-side scripts can process the incoming sumission data, and send a custom message to multiple recipients using SMTP or Exchange without the need for client-side email software.

For more information visit: www.PDFEmail.net "

Since we don't have ASP.net architecture in our organization, I followed his advice and developed a script (javascript language, adobecycle) in a regular button into the pdf form with the submit function to call a PHP program with form variables in the url and "submit as= pdf". The Php script receives the pdf stream into $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA, saves it into a temporary file and builds the mail function parameters to send mail with the attached pdf form, a personal subject and message containing the variables received ( $_GET method).