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Submit via email issues


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Hello everyone!

So, I am currently on a 64-bit Windows PC with Office 2013 and have been working on creating surveys in Adobe Pro - LiveCycle to send out to our users that are on different OS's (all Windows, but some vary with 32-bit).  When I create the survey and save as a PDF, there is a button I created so that they can submit via email (see below and the mailto: is my email address). 


For some people, it works, for others it does nothing.  What is causing this and what is the best way to get around it so that users can just email it back to me?  Is there a certain way that I should be saving this (dynamic vs. static?) so that it's more user friendly across the different types of OS's?

All people seem to have the box come up for using their Desktop Application (Outlook 2010 from some people, Outlook 2013 for others) and for some people it goes through but nothing happens for others.


If someone could please get back to me about this I would greatly appreciate it. Please note that a majority of the users are opening this in Adobe Acrobat Reader, v10.0



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You can bypass client-side email software such as OUTLOOK if the PDF submits to a server-side script, such as ASP.net or PHP. ASP.net scripts are capable of merging and parsing the form submission using iText and/or FDFToolkit.net, and inject the values into the message body, subject, TO, CC, BCC, and attachment file name. PHP script are not compatible with iText technologies, so you receive a static message and attachment. Submitting to a server-side script is more reliable, because, it silently sends the submission using an SMTP account, and doesn't require end-users to setup their client-side email software.

Note: iText technologies are not compatible with LiveCycle PDF forms saved as "dynamic PDF"; but, have limited compatibility with static LiveCycle XFA PDFs, and iText is full compatibility with Acrobat PDFs.

Visit the following website for online examples: