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Subform Instance Control: Add problem


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Using the built in script (LiveCycle 8.2.1) to add a pair of rows to a table the script fails after one instance is added. Identical scripts just above this one execute properly.

var sSubformSOM = "xfa.form.IEP_Form.FuturePlan.frm_SDI.frm_RelServ";     // Button is not within the form to be duplicated
var bCalc = true;                 // Example: var bCalc = false;
var message = "You have reached the maximum number of items allowed.";
// DO NOT MODIFY THE CODE BEYOND THIS POINT - - Subform_Instance_Controls_Add.xfo
// Build the SOM expression of the Instance Manager using the 'underscore' syntax.
var oSubform = xfa.resolveNode(sSubformSOM);         // Evaluate the SOM expression.
var sParentSOM = oSubform.parent.somExpression;      // Get the parent SOM expression.
var sManagerSOM = sParentSOM + "._" + oSubform.name; // Build the SOM expression of the Instance Manager.
var oManager = xfa.resolveNode(sManagerSOM);         // Evaluate the SOM expression.
var nMaxCount = oManager.occur.max;     // Get the maximum number of subform occurrences allowed.
var nSubCount = oManager.count;            // Get the current number of instances.
// Proceed if the maximum number of subform occurrences has not been reached.
if ((nMaxCount == "-1") || (nSubCount < nMaxCount)) {
    // Invoke the Instance Manager.
    var oNewInstance = oManager.addInstance(1);
    // Fire the form calculations.
    if (bCalc == true) {
        // Execute all the form calculations.
        xfa.form.recalculate(1);    }
} else {
    xfa.host.messageBox(message,"Add Item", 3);

oManager in debugger "has no properties". As an app.alert(oManager) the first time thru (when it works) is an object. Subsequently it is null.

I could understand if it never worked.(?)

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