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Strange behavior with Floating fields


Level 2


I have used many times a regular text with a Floating Field inside of it (i.e. a Text element linked to an hidden TextField). Since the TextField is hidden, what I usually do is create a visible TextField that is linked (through scripting) to the hidden one.

And it usually works great! Except for one thing: when the Text with the Floating Field is "outside" of the page, i.e. in the Master Page... I can link it as usual with scripting and it works fine, BUT when I click the Print button, the content disapears for the visible TextField, the hidden one and of course the Text with Floating Field as well...

Why does that happen?!?

I've tried many different ways (put both the Text AND visible TextField on the Master Page; fill the field on Exit instead of on Change; etc), nothing will do... And I can't really put in on the page itself, since I want it to be reapeated on all pages...

Any idea?

P.S. Someone told me it works with bindings and putting the code on exit... but would appreciate if there's a "regular" way of doing things...

Thank you.

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Level 10

Hi there,

I don't know what could fix this issue. But make sure your form supports Acrobat and Adobe Reader 9.1 or later

Also, lately I've encounter some issues with floating field when using FormCalc language, but JavaScript worked fine.

I hope this can help you find a solution...


Level 2

Thank you.

I'm targetting right now Adobe/Reader 10 and using JavaScript, so that is not the problem...

Thanks for trying...