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I am using livecycle and trying to have a subform only show up when the check box is checked. I would like the subform to be invisible and if the checkbox is checked, I would like the subform to appear. Within the subform, I would like to have a text box with + button on the left side of it within the subform which appears only when the check box is checked. The + button will allow for additional rows to be added below the text box when selected.

Can someone please provide me with step by step instructions on how to do this, especially how to have a subform appear when a check box is checked?


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Firstly, do you want the subform to be invisible or hidden? If it is invisible it still takes up physical screen space. Hidden will remove it altogether.

Regardless, edit the change event in your checkbox to hide and show the subform

checkbox1 - change - javascript:

if(checkbox1.rawValue == "1") //show subform when checkbox1 is checked


subform1.presence = "visible";


if(checkbox1.rawValue == "0") //hide subform when checkbox one is unchecked


subform1.presence = "invisible"; //or subform1.presence = "hidden";