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Show/Hide Subform Based on Drop Down


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I have a form that will have about 150 different alarm panel zone lists (specific alarm points: doors, panic buttons, etc) and I would like to have it be where I choose the store, for example 3351 and have the zone list populate in a table below.  I was using the switch(this.rawValue) function, which works for a small amount, no more than two, but when I start adding more stores, it stops working.  I am wondering if any one has any idea on how to do this.  I am a novice, but have played around with javascript, but now I am at a loss.



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Level 3


I found a script that works for the first 10 stores:

if (xfa.event.newText == "store number")


     storenumber.presence = "visible"; //if I want the subform to be visible

     storenumber.presence = "hidden"; //if I want the subform to be hidden



The idea would be to have all 150 stores in there and select them through the drop down, but I can only get the first 10 to work.  Is there a limit on how many Adobe will read that I am missing?

Thoughts on any of this?  Any help would be appreciated.