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Security message when get url


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I'm trying to read xml data from url with this formcalc code.

Form1.Page1::initialize - (FormCalc, client)

     var url = "http://xxx..." //return xml

     field1.rawValue = Get(url);

The problem is when opening the pdf displays the following security message:

"Some features have been disabled to avoid potencial security risks. Only enable these features if you trust this document"

I can select 'Options' then 'Trust always' after which it works fine, the xml result is copied to field1.

It would be possible that this message don't shows to users when they will download this pdf? i mean enable these features by default. I would like the user to be able to open the pdf without select option 'Trust always' or 'Trust one time'

Thanks in advance

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Level 10

The message is shown for security reasons implemented in Acrobat or Reader. To get rid of it you have to certify your forms.



Level 2

Ok, so if not certified the PDF form will not be possible to read an external value.

My idea was to write the last version number of pdf form in an XML, and so get this value from the event initialize PDF form.

So could be compared the pdf version, saved in a hidden field, with the last version recorded in the XML, and if they do not match alert the user to download the latest version.

Thanks for your answer