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Script Error in LiveCycle action builder


Level 1

Here's the error I get after reviewing every checkbox and field of about 83 objects. ANY SME OUT THERE? QUICK! It was to be posted this week.

Script failed (language if forcalc: content is xfa[0].form3[0].Pageform3[0].TotalGoldPoints[0])


sum(PointsG22c+PointsG22b+PointsG22a+Points, etc.rawValue)

Error: accessor 'PointsG15' is unknown.

Thanks a lot!

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Level 10

Hi Danna,

The error means you don't have a field called PointsG15 or that field in not in the same scope, so it has a different parent object, or needs to be qualified in some way.

Can you upload your form to a file sharing site, like Google Docs, DropBox, etc and share a link in this thread, then we can have a look.