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Screenshare focus


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I am developing an application using video/audio/chat and all is working fine and linking up to a database with External authentication (much easier now with Flex 4, so thank you!).

Anyway, I now need to add functionality so that a user, whilst chatting on video, etc can see a PowerPoint or PDF of some information on screen at the same time, in the same window.

So I figured that one route was to use the new screensharing capabilities of LCCS, so that userA can open a PowerPoint file, and user B can see it on screen.

This works fine, to an extent, but currently when UserA clicks back to the main site/application after opening his PowerPoint (to chat on video and talk about whatever content is in the PowerPoint file, etc),  the screenshare window for UserB switches away from the PowerPoint file and goes blank. And I can see why because obviously the focus is now on the main application and not on the PowerPoint.

So my questions are:

1) Is there way of keeping the 'focus' on the PowerPoint whilst clicking back to the main application.

2) Or am I going about this completely the wrong way and is there a far easier way of showing presentations within the LCCS environment?!

Hopefully I'm missing something that's blindingly obvious...

Thanks in advance

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I guess one of the solutions here could be instead of using desktop sharing, use windows sharing i.e. when you start screen share and the dialog pops up for sharing , select the windows radio button(default is desktop) and in that select your power point window as the window to share.

This way even if you move the focus, it will only keep showing that window. Just make sure you app is not on top of that power point window. Keeping them side by side or in an extended monitor will be best.

Let me know if this fixes your problem



Hironmay Basu


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Hi Hironmay

Thanks for your reply - unfortunately it's not really going to be the answer in the long-run, as anyone on a laptop, who may well be a big percentage of users, will not be able to easily share their screen consistently, without the picture breaking up. If UserA keeps the PowerPoint open and on top of all other open applications, then there's no problem ,and it looks great on UserB's screen, but I'm trying to find an ideal solution so that both users can see the main Flex app with PowerPoint on screen at all times.

Anyway thanks for your time, I will keep researching...