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Screenshare bug update


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Hi Adobe Team,

Do you have an update on the screen share bugs that I submitted over the past month? We had a call a few weeks ago in which I highlighted the Windows

7 bug where the screen share pop-up selector never displayed (user has to click on taskbar to show it). Also, when disconnected, the taskbar still shows the screen share icon. I have customers that would like to go live with my application but not until this is fixed.



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Hi Michael,

I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on my Windows 7 - 64 bit machine.

We tried some more and another LCCS QE, Jason (aka JG), was able to do so on his Windows 7 - 32 bit machine.

I will talk to Arun when he comes back, soon, from his (well deserved) vacation about the issue and see what we need to do next to squash this bug.

I will keep you updated as we make progress (we might have to involve the add-in team if ithere is nothing that we can do on the LCCS side).



LCCS Quality Engineering