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Schema for dummies


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I'm working on a project where form data is sent to a database and then the data is injected into another pdf document. I'm new to this, and a database guy has asked me to provide the schema for both documents. I am having a helluva time getting my head wrapped around the concept of the schema. Is there a document out there that will help me out?

I"ve looked it up in many places, but the information goes over my head way too quickly.

From what I gather, the schema is like a blueprint for the form. Is the xml file a schema? Is an XSD a schema too?

Slow minds want to know!



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The schema describes the structure for the data that will be produced as well it will describe the types that each node will have (i.e. numeric,string ...).

If you do not have a schema then supplying a sample XML data file should give him what he wants. He may have to extrabolate as the xml data file will not describe types.

In most cases the schema is used by multiple applications to describe what data is to be used.