Saving Adobe Form to Adobe Printer Fails



Saving Adobe Acrobat Form to Adobe Printer results in a *.log file and, of course, won't open.  End user has Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard (I already recommended an upgrade) and saves Adobe Acrobat he's filled out by saving them to the Adobe Printer. He has done this for years on his Windows 7 machine, but suddenly, when following his process he gets the pop-up message shown below.  It seems to only happen with Acrobat forms created by another company, applications he must complete. It is not always the same exact form, but the message is the same. Testing with MS word, I can save the document to PDF and it opens successfully in Acrobat.  Any idea why these Acrobat forms can no longer be saved and opened using the Adobe Printer option?  Thanks for your help!


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