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Hello all,

I apologise if this issue has already been posted/answered, but I've been having real trouble browsing the Adobe forums for the few days (slow page loading time etc) so haven't really been able to check.

Anyway, onto my question, I want to create a button on my form that will save the form data as an xml file. I've checked out this document:

Which shows how to do it, and that solution works fine if the user is using Acrobat Pro, but when I test it with users running Adobe Reader the button does not work (no error message - it just doesn't do anything).

So my question is, is there a way (using the above method or otherwise) for me to put a button on my form that will allow an Adobe Reader use to save the form data as xml?

I'm using LiveCycle Designer 8.2.



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Hi Matt,

I have been looking for a way to generate XML on click of a button.
Could you pls post the form you are talkin bout here? I am unable to find the form when followed the link you provided " pdf"