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Required Fields Validation


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I've been asked to work on some forms we have.  We have Adobe Acrobat 9 and LiveCycle ES but I'm not proficient in either of them.  In fact, I will need things pretty much drawn out for me or my hand held.  I've searched all over and can not find an explanation I understand.  I've read about the OnBlur method but I can't even find the OnBlur function.

We have a form with 5 fields which are all required.  However, it never fails that someone misses a field.  We want a message to pop up before printing that they have missed a required field.  This way we can reprimand anyone who doesn't fill it out correctly.  If they squawk about it we can show them the message they ignored!  I guess if we could prevent printing that would completely solve the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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First off welcome to the group and Livecycle. The only word of caution I might say is "no good deed goes unpunished"! It starts with a printing function and next thing you know your boss is asking you how to subtract date fields and you are on here at 1am.

With that, the board has a wealth of knowledge. I put a link below that is the same situation you are looking at. There is even a sample form that is provided that allows you to download, open it in Livecycle and muck around. Take a look and see if this helps you at all.

LiveCycle Newbie: Validate Before Printing Form