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Repeating Subforms and Duplicating Tables


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Hello, I am a novice in Javascript and desperately need some help. I have been all over the internet in these forums trying to find a solution but with no success. I have found some bits of information that were similar to what I am trying to do but they haven't been quite what I've needed or I have been unable to adapt the code to my own situation.

What I need the form to do is, if they select "add actions" a Recommend subform becomes visible and the user would then fill it out. What I also need it to do is add a "summary" of the recommend subform  information on a new page. The user can add more recommendations by clicking an "add" button and this adds a new instance of the Recommend subform. What I also need it to do is add another summary as well basically duplicating most of the information.

The user has the option to add another building so now I need the script to check if an "action/Recommendation" is already there and if it is, add another "summary" after the existing ones duplicating the information from the "recommend" subform. Again, multiple recommendations can be added and I need them all to duplicate into the summary. To top it off, there is another type of building they can then add and also add actions/recommendations. I would also like these to summarize below what already may or may not be existing from the first building.

Basically I want to create a summary of all the recommendation without all the other information in the form.

Here is a link to my form which I hope will help with the above explanation. (I have removed some things as they were really just in the way) https://acrobat.com/#d=97gsu8WFKXK47BavE6RNeQ

Any help?

If no one is able to help directly with this, does anyone know of any good tutorials on learning javascript for Livecycle from the beginning?

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