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render form URLSpec


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Good day. I want to display dynamic pdf document using the renderPDFForm.

Anybody can clearly explain to me how it displays the pdf on the web client and what parameters are required to provide

URLSpec (in particular I'm interested in applicationWebRoot, and targetURL).

Should targetURL point to the iframe of the web application to display pdf? I would appreciate a detailed answer. Thanks in advance
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Level 10

TargetURL is the url where you wan to submit the data to.

To display in the PDF, you need to make sure to set the ContentRootURI and the Form. The full url to the location is ContentRootURI + Form.

Check http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/programLC/help/index.htm?content=000168.html#1548277 for some examples.