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Reader Extension (Applying User Rights)


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I'm applying rights to a pdf form working on Adobe ES2 - Reader Extension.  When I click 'APPLY' a dialog box appears with title that reads 'Select location for download by local host'.  I select the pdf form I created and path to save to...my question is that the 'save as type doesn't display a pdf as an option but only 'save as type (*).  When I save the form it saves it as a file with no format type association.  Is this the way the product works?

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It will put the name of the file that you uploaded into the filename dialog. If you originally started without an extension then there

will be none on the saveAs dialog as well. Yes that is the way the product works.



Level 2


Thanks...when I entered the extension with the file name I noticed that the 'file save as' changed from (*) to (.pdf).  This answers my question and thanks for your quick response.

Ray H