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Radio Buttons - Deselect


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I have created a form in LiveCycle designer 9. I have radio buttons and want to be able to put in Script so that if the button is accidentally hit, it can be deselected. Below is how I have them layed out.

Radio Button Layout.png

I have gone in and used the following Script but it does not work.  What am I doing wrong?

In the mouse down i have:

this.initValue = this.rawValue;


In the mouse up I have:

var localExport = null;

for(var i=0' i<this.nodes.length;1==)


     if(this.nodes.item(i).className == "items")


          localExport = this.nodes.item(i).nodes.item(0).value;





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Level 10

Are you trying to clear value of the radio buttons (make sure none of the three buttons are selected)?


Former Community Member

I believe that is what I want to do (I am still new at this) and no button had been selected yet.

Below is a screen shot of part of my form with the radio buttons (I have many others throughout the form)

I want to be able to clear the selection if it was clicked by mistake.