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Questions about PDF Generator


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I would like to obtain more information about your PDF Generator product since we are currently looking for a solution that allows us to quickly and efficiently convert different types of documents into PDF format.

Here are my questions :
1- Is it possible to obtain and operate the "PDF Generator" application alone? That is, without acquiring other software.

2- If the application can not be acquired alone what should one buy also? The "LiveCycle ES" solution, the "Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)" solution or others?

3- I read on the Internet that the solution "LiveCycle ES" was supposed to disappear in favor of "Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)". Is it true?
If so, is the "PDF Generator" module also available with the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solution?

4- Does "PDF Generator" support the latest versions of Microsoft Office (Office 2016)?

5- Does "PDF Generator" support converting PDF documents to PDF?

6- What is the required technological infrastructure (server, processors, memory, network, etc ...) to make the "PDF Generator" application work effectively?

7- What is the price range for the purchase of the "PDF Generator" application

8- Is the multithread supported for all types of Office documents? Is there a limit in the number of concurrent threads?

Note: Our estimated conversion volume over a year is approximately "1,000,000" documents.

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