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Quality of audio question


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Hello there,

Watching Nigel's presentation at MAX I've noticed that there was a question about possibility to stream MP3 within the LCCS framework.

Nigel, could you elaborate a bit on that (after the Holiday ). For example, wether it's possible to use 'codec' property in MicrophoneManager or AudioPublisher to integrate other than Speex audio codec?

The reason I ask such question is that the audio quality - dynamic range, frequency range, sampling rate - for my project is of significant importance.

Any recommendations as to how to approach the task of maximizing audio fidelity would be appreciated.


Igor Borodin

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Let's get back to this after the holidays but I think the flash player has encoders for only voice codecs (speex and nelly moser).

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Thanks for the reply, Raff;

Of course it can wait till after the the holidays.

Meanwhile, I'm a bit puzzled by your suggestion that FP supports only two audio codecs.

Take for example the latest OSMF player - it does support number of audio codecs for streaming audio, including MP3 and AAC.

Probably, I'm missing something in that.

Happy New Year,



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Pretty sure he means that flash player itself does not support mp3 encoding.

So you couldn't take audio into flash player, encode it to mp3 and then

send it somewhere to be decoded.

We ran into this when we wanted to record mp3 messages for our application.

We ended up use lame to do the encoding externally. Hope that helps.



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Thanks for the reply Eric,

Correct me, if I'm wrong, but doesn't the fact that Flash Player plays MP3 mean that this runtime CAN decode MP3?




Infact I said the Flash Player only has "encoders" for voice codecs (but it has decoders for much larger set of a/v formats, like MP3 and H264).

Basically encoding is usually quite expensive so the player only has encoders for low quality / low processing power formats (voice for audio and lower quality video for webcams).

Decoding is most of the time less resource intensive than encoding, and if available can leverage hardware accelleration so the player can supports higher quality formats.