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Properties of com.adobe.livecycle.userlist.IUserlist.


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I'm trying create a process to automatically create Rights Manager policies for specific users.

It seems the only way to do this is use a create a policy from an existing policy and within that activity set the user for whom I want the policy to apply ( e.g. only they can open the document ).

All going fine - except the variable to define the user ( or users ) is an IUserlist type ( com.adobe.livecycle.userlist.IUserlist ) for which I can't find any documentation regarding it's input parameters.

I've tried all sorts to get around this, but to no avail - does anyone know what the properties of the com.adobe.livecycle.userlist.IUserlist is so that I can set them through xPath?

Cheers - Stuart

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I've tried useing a Find Users service with a return to a list of subtype user but now get the following error from the Create Policy form Policy service:

ALC-DSC-099-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.DSCRuntimeException: com.adobe.idp.dsc.util.InvalidCoercionException: Cannot coerce object: [com.adobe.idp.dsc.um.lookup.datamodel.User@21aa7ac4] of type: java.util.ArrayList to type: interface com.adobe.livecycle.userlist.IUserlist

Any help would be much appreciated.



Yes, this is a bug. Which has been fixed with a quickfix over ES3 SP2.

As I am replying to the old post, not sure you got the fix or not. If not, just let me know here.


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I'm trying to figure out how to call the Create Policy form Policy - with users added programmatically via web services.  I'm getting the same exception about casting com.adobe.idp.dsc.util.InvalidCoercionException.  What is the solution for this issue? 


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Hi Peter

Have you got the quickfix noted by Sachin above?

If not then it will not work a it was a bug.


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Hi Stuart,

I`m working with ES4 so I imagine the issue has been resolved.  I haven`t tried using the Find User service as a possible workaround. 

I`m trying to use the Create Policy from Exisiting Policy from .NET via web service API.

Can I pick your brain a bit?

-Can you look up users by email address?

-Do you know how to call the Create Policy from Exiting Policy from either java or .NET?