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Programmatically fill write-enbled forms


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I'm trying to programmatically fill an XFA forms with XML data on a PDF document, that has been enabled for saving by Reader Extensions.

After setting the XML data and savind the document, Adobe Readr no longer allows to save the document. Moreover, if I try just to open the document with a PDF library (I've tried PDF Tron, Quick PDF, iTextSharp, PDF One) and save it immediately (without making any modifications), Adobe Reader no longer allows to save the document.

Is it possible to set the data in this document by a third party library and leave the 'save' usage right at all? Or does Adobe Reader do the same magic as Reader Extensions to leave the document extended, when it saves it?

Does Adobe provide (sell?) a dll library that allows to open and set the XML data in a PDF document?


Deas anyone know of a library that can do that?

I really need to have those answers because right now we have to make a decision in which way we go with our product.



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Are you able to import data and save If tried manually using Reader and running into issues only when trying it programmatically?