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Process Instance : Update Process Variables with Java API


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I need to set a lot of process variables in a java service that is executed in a process but can't find the way to do that.

Is it possible to modify the value of a variable from a process instance with the JAVA API ?

I didn't find this type of function (for example with the ProcessManager API).



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Can you be more specific? Do you mean that you want to manipulate process variable values while the LC process is running? So you could arbitrarily "poke" values into a running process?



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I need to create a specific service that will be connected to different systems to get some external informations.

Those informations must be put in my process variables.

This service will be executed in a Livecycle Process.

I need to set a lot of process variables (like 100 vars) and I didn't find any function in the Java API to set process instance variables.

The SetValue Service is not a good solution because there is to much variables to set and my specific service will not always set the same variables (it must set them dynamically. It's a too complex algorithm to set the values in the process modelling. I need to set them programaticly.



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Could you place your logic in an executeScript service?

You can use native Java there.

I have had good luck getting values in and out of process varaibles with the get... set...

this is a very simple example.

import com.adobe.workflow.pat.service.*;
String allowLogging = patExecContext.getProcessDataStringValue("/process_data/@allowLogging");

patExecContext.setProcessDataStringValue("/process_data/@errorActivity", "Save Doc XML");
patExecContext.setProcessDataStringValue("/process_data/@errorMessage", "SystemException");

if (allowLogging.equalsIgnoreCase("true")) {
System.out.println("@@@@ Save Doc XML @@@@");
System.out.println("@@@@ SystemException @@@@");

}; // END allowLogging


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Maybe that will be the solution....I will try.

But the problem is that all my logic is defined on a specific service wich use a lot a stuff (EJB3, Hibernate, ....) and I don't think that I could put all those things on an executeScript service....


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Hi Will

I'm pretty sure we could build a component to allow you to do this from your Java code.

If you're interested, please email info@avoka.com


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