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Problems combining 2 pages into 1


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OK, we have our department letterhead as a .pdf file (created in MS Office and saved as .pdf) and we have a fillable fax coversheet form created in Adobe Acrobat 9.0 and LiveCycle Designer and saved as a .pdf.  We need to combine these two into one document, with the end result being the form fields of the fax coversheet appearing on the letterhead template.  However, I cannot copy/paste between forms; I cannot import any graphics into the fax coversheet via LiveCycle to have the logo appear; and I cannot determine any other way to get these two forms into one.

Can anyone help me with this?  We really don't want to start over from scratch - and if we do, what do we do differently?

Ubiquitous Information:

     Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro v. 9.4.4

     Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES v. Cipher: 128-bit

     Windows XP Pro sp 3



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My guess is that you are dealing with two different form types. The letterhead pdf needs to be imported into Designer so you have the same form types. Then you shoudl be able to copy and past between them. You can import the letterhead PDF or the word file into Designer.