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Problem submitting PDF Form via HTTPS on MAC - Unable to connect to server error


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I have developed an LiveCycle form and have a submit button on the form to submit the data in the form as an XML via HTTPS.

It works fine windows computer, in Adobe reader, Adobe Pro and in the IE browser.

On a MAC computer when the form in opened in "Adobe Reader DC" and I click the submit button, the form sends the data and then waits and after sometime I get an error "An error occurred during the submit process. There was a problem connecting to the server." I am getting the data submitted by the form, but the user gets and error message and then submits the form form again.

If I open the same form on MAC in Safari browser and then submit, it works fine.

Form does not work only when its opened in "Adobe Reader " On MAC.

Since we get the data even when the form is submitted in "Adobe Reader DC", my guess is that the sending portion is working, but it fails receiving the response.  We acknowledge submissions by sending a very simple HTML page back which says that we received the submission. I think the response portion is failing. We have tried to send a PDF back and also an HTML document back. Both fail.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this issue?



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