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Problem in page overflow with table contents having control level


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Hello members,

My scenario is to display table contents from (Master Page)MP1 and then overflow to MP2 and use the MP2 for the rest of the overflowed pages too. In the form context, the table has control level grouping on a field(F1), which is set in context, because of which we can sub total for the group of records based on field F1.

Take the scenario that the content area(CA1) of MP1 fits only 10 records and content area(CA2) of MP2 fits only 20 records.

Test scenario 1:

If the table contents have records upto 20, then MP1 gets filled with first 10 records and then MP2 with rest of the 10 records. This scenario works fine.

Test scenario 2:

If the table contents have records upto 5, then only MP1  with current 5 records gets filled. This scenario also works fine.

Test scenario 3:( ISSUE BEING FACED)

If the table contents have records upto 50,(which are more than the combined number of rows of MP1 and MP2) then no data is displayed on MP1 and data starts filling in next MP2 and only approx 22 records are visible where few even cross the content area of the MP2. And no over flow for the rest of the records happen.

We use SFP Transaction in SAP to modify the layouts of the forms. Please let us know if the table having group set by control level causes any issue in this scenarion Test scenario 3.




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master pages don't support page breaks. Those pages are only used for the background things of body pages like page numbers, company logs or letter head layouts.

Don't use repeating objects on masterpages that may overflow its content area, this will always end up with unexpected results.

Put all those objects on a regular page (body page) which allows page breaks.